Friday, 20 July 2018

Egyptian maths

Giousouf has taught us all something about Egyptian maths.  His very interesting workbook shows the fascinating differences between English and Eyptian numerals, and of course you read the book the opposite way round!  Thanks for sharing, Giousouf!


These beautiful sunflowers have been first drawn, and then painted, so carefully.  Giousouf, Lorrimer and Dovydas are rightfully proud of their detailed work and the artistic choices thy made in their work.  Well done chaps!

Time to reflect

The problem was to find how many times on an analogue clock could be reflected and still be a real time.  There are two ways to tackle this - randomly picking times and checking with a mirror or, as Kellen, Jack and Aoife did, using a systematic method of finding all 96.  Well done to all three of you!

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Great graphs!

These two not only understand all about graphs, they can answer really detailed questions that involve knowing about time and decimals.  This is wonderful work, Lucas and Izzie!

Check, check & check again!

This gentleman knows that when you do a test you do not waste a moment of the time you have.  Miss Leftley was very impressed by the way Thomas checked and checked and checked again every answer he had given in each of his maths assessments.  A great work principle - well done you!

Monday, 16 July 2018

The Owly Echo

Meet some of the reporters from The Owly Echo.  Owls class assembly last week was original, informative, entertaining and much appreciated by all of the audience.  Jack, Sam, Chloe, Charlee, Joe and Kellen went 'above and beyond' when it came to organisation and delivery and their extra work was a great help to their peers.  Brilliant effort from you all!

Poor Nessie!

Enzo and Imogen have each made up a very sad story about poor Nessie, but don't worry - they have a happy ending.  They have chosen some really clever adjectives to make their writing really interesting.  What grown-up pieces of work!